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Getting You Through Divorce Law


Divorce is the dissolution of marriage, or to legally terminate a marital relationship. To start divorce proceedings, divorce law is handled by lawyers who practice family law. They are sensitive to the division of property and how to handle child custody matters. 


Both spouses will hire their own legal counsel and should hire attorneys they feel the most comfortable with. Divorce proceedings are sometimes arduous and exhausting. But, having strong legal counsel can provide you with a sense of balance and comfort.

Divorce Proceedings


When filing for divorce, both spouses will end their legal and financial relationship from one another. In Pennsylvania, divorces are classified as fault or consensual no-fault. 


No-Fault Divorces


No-fault divorces can be resolved as early as 90-days after service of the filing. If contested, the plaintiff must wait 2 years after the separation to have grounds for a divorce to be entered. 

Fault Divorces


With fault divorces, one of the spouses must prove there is a fault-based grounds for divorce. This might include adultery, cruel treatment, desertion, imprisonment or insanity. 


Our experienced attorneys can help with either type of divorce.


Establishing Divorce Terms


When divorce proceedings start, both parties will have to divide assets and discuss the welfare of their children. These can be tough topics to discuss. Every area of a marriage might be exposed, but we are dedicated to helping you resolve any family law disputes that arise. 


We are experienced in helping with mediations, negotiation terms, and other dispute methods. We want to help you avoid time-consuming litigation or a custody battle.


While every divorce is different, your divorce attorney can help with:

Dividing Property

Any property acquired after the marriage date is subject to equal division. 


Child Support

When a custodial parent is determined, they will care for the child(ren). The noncustodial parent may have to pay child support in a monthly payment to meet the child(ren)’s needs.



A court order may determine that one spouse is required to pay alimony to the other. Alimony is spousal support in a monthly payment. It helps correct any loss of income a spouse might incur with a divorce.


Child Custody

During a divorce proceeding, the court may determine which parents get custody of their minor children. Stipulations can include where the children live and how decisions about their future are determined. 

Inquiring about Family Law


At The Law Office of Matthew Kelly Associates, we are committed to ensuring your legal success. Matthew Kelly is a former public defender and probation officer. He and has staff offer a wealth of experience. 


Our law office is located in Kingston, Pennsylvania. We represent families in the Scranton area and the Wilkes-Barre area. We can help with the challenges you might face in a divorce.


Schedule a Free Consultation


Have questions about hiring a divorce attorney? Unsure about child custody? Contact our law office at 570-405-8710 to arrange a free consultation. All calls are confidential. Let our experienced legal team represent you.

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