Types Of Family Law

Family law covers a wide variety of cases between family members and other relations, from divorce to child custody. Having exhausted other methods of mediation, individuals may need to seek the help of a family law attorney to litigate their cases and resolve difficult issues once and for all. Due to the nature of family disputes, seeking legal counsel is highly recommended to provide emotional support, guidance and strong legal representation.

Areas Of Family Law

By definition, family law encompasses legal issues dealing with family matters and domestic relations, including:

  • Prenuptial Agreements: a legal agreement made prior to marriage that establishes property and financial rights in the event of a divorce
  • Abuse Protection: a civil order of protection, such as a restraining order, granted to victims of sexual assault, stalking, harassment and domestic violence
  • Adoption: the process of obtaining legal parental rights to a child
  • Paternity: the establishment of a legal relationship between father and child
  • Child Support: money paid to provide care for a minor child
  • Child Custody: the process of deciding which parent/relative the child will live with
  • Visitation: a non-custodial parent’s right to see his or her child
  • Divorce: a legal procedure that ends a marriage
  • Separation: a legal arrangement where couples remain married but live apart
  • Alimony: a court-ordered, financial provision following separation or divorce

Hire An Experienced Family Law Attorney

When it comes to challenging legal issues involving family members, it’s important to seek skilled legal counsel right away, especially in cases concerning domestic violence, custody disagreements and difficult financial matters. At the Law Offices of Matthew Kelly Associates, we are well-prepared to take on impending and current family law cases. Ensure the best outcome for you and your loved ones by contacting us online or calling 570-714-1205 to set up your free consultation.

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