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You deserve the full protection of the law, regardless of your circumstances. The Law Offices of Matthew Kelly Associates understands your rights in the legal process, and our passionate team of lawyers is committed to defending your well-being, whether you’re going through a divorce, filing a worker’s compensation claim, or establishing power of attorney.

Experienced and Dedicated Legal Team

At the Law Offices of Matthew Kelly Associates, every potential client receives valuable personalized attention. Our dedicated lawyers are on the front lines, listening to, supporting, and acting on behalf of the people of northeastern Pennsylvania. Our clients deal directly with knowledgeable lawyers, not paralegals or support personnel. We discuss your needs, concerns, and expectations, and we help you understand your current situation and possible options.

Attorney Matthew Kelly

A northeastern Pennsylvania native, Attorney Matthew Kelly has devoted more than 25 years to helping Lackawanna and Luzerne County residents overcome their legal troubles. He worked as a public defender in Luzerne County and also served as a probation officer, and he’s a member of the Luzerne County and Pennsylvania Bar Associations. Attorney Kelly combines extensive experience with a genuine passion for integrity and fairness to give you the support and counsel you need to move forward, whatever the situation.

Areas of Practice

Our experience spans a broad range of practice areas to meet the diverse legal needs of our clients. We handle cases in both criminal and family courts. Some of our specific areas of practice include the following:

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Advisor, Advocate and Ally

When things go wrong, sometimes the first step is finding a lawyer who will take the time to listen to your story.

Even as a small child, an innate sense of fairness and justice was a driving force in moving him forward, personally and professionally. Admired for his staunch integrity and unyielding tenacity, Attorney Kelly is both a formidable ally and a supportive advocate.